At present, a person who witnesses or directly suffers from irresponsible corporate activity has no simple, obvious place to go to report what has happened.  Thousands of government agencies and non-profits accept reports of different kinds; this causes an issue because people with something to report about a particular issue are often unaware that there is a specific place for them to report about that issue. Given that the proportion of the population with something to report about a specific issue is small, and the visibility of most issue-specific reporting platforms is low - these challenges often ensure that either (a) no reporting happens at all, or (b) nothing comes of the report because the platform it was submitted to has not acquired critical mass.


The TalkFree platform has been conceived as a means to address each problem respectively by (a) making it simple to report, (b) making it easy for advocacy groups to begin collecting reports (without the necessity of developing their own platform), (c) establishing a platform which people are aware of as a place to ‘inform’ generally, and (d) creating mechanisms to use the reports to effect change.