Work Packages

Work Package


Objective and Scope


Project Management

The general consortium management, including financial, legal, administrative and research coordination aspects.


Research Informing Design

This work package will conduct research which informs the design of the TalkFree and WikiRate platforms through the production of scenarios, and subsequently validates the design through user testing and the analysis of procedural data. This work package also devotes attention specifically to the issues of report verification, guaranteed anonymity of reporters, and ethical considerations of the project.


TalkFree Design and Development

In quarterly meetings we set development and research priorities. We use “user stories” as focal point for our agile website development process. Activities are based on recommendations from WP2, and feedback is given to WP2 in terms of feasibility. This work package also covers the actual coding work for TalkFree.


Soliciting TalkFree Reports

This work package is covering the set up needed to execute on the selected reporting settings, and will include for example arrangements with frontline organizations in Walk Free’s network.


Corporate Network Mapping – Design and Development

Interactions between the TalkFree, OpenCorporates and Wikirate websites are considered here, and the required extensions to Wikirate are considered. This work package also covers the actual coding work.


Soliciting Disclosures for Corporate Network Maps

This work package will work on implementing the corporate network mapping and company disclosure features in regards to uptake by the various actors, e.g. companies and Wikirate users.



This work package involves research which takes a step back from the project and considers it in the broader context of collective awareness platforms – producing publications which will add to the literature in this area.


Dissemination and Exploitation

Disseminate the project to the public. Engage and stay in close contact with the community. Develop and execute an exploitation plan, including communication with stakeholders.